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Jean Patou

Jean Patou started as a fashion designer. He was a visionary and precursor of knitted swimsuits and sports clothes for women. He was not afraid of assessments and rejection by the environment. He always had his style and strove to make women all over the world love him. When he achieved a lot in fashion, he decided to launch a feminine perfume.

The first bottle appeared in 1925. It was the scent of "Adieu Sagesse". The most popular Jean Potou perfume is "Joy" based on the notes of aldehyde, jasmine, rose and peach. Established in 1930 and still have a strong market position. They are compared to the iconic "Chanel No. 5 ". Women who like sensual floral scents will definitely fall in love with them. Jean Patou wanted to bring French to emancipation with his clothes. The perfume he introduced only sealed their freedom. Today Jean Potou perfumes belong to the cult. This is the quintessence of feminine elegant fragrances. Their quality has been amazing for decades. The bottles complement the whole work. Shapely, luxurious packaging perfectly matches these aromas. Jean Patou has forever entered not only the history of fashion, but also the smell.

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