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James Bond

He is an interviewer, as no one can kill on commission and do it in a spectacular style. Handsome, charming and intelligent, that's why no woman can resist his charm. He deigns himself with a shaken but not mixed martini with vodka, he drives a sporty, elegant car and surrounds himself with beautiful women. Who are we talking about?

We invite you to a close meeting with agent James Bond in the perfumed version! Although the perfume signed by James Bond was created quite recently, the collection has many fragrances tailored to the needs of women and men. After the success of James Bond 007 and his golden flanker, more fragrances appeared referring to the film adventures of the famous agent. The Caribbean, blue sea and the call of adventure have become the inspiration for the fragrance James Bond Ocean Royale. Bergamot, anise and seaweed hit a fresh start, the heart is made of teak wood and cedar, and the base is turned up by tonka beans and Jamaican coffee. Perfumes perfect for brave men! Quantum of Solace is another film that inspired the creation of a new fragrance - James Bond 007 Quantum is a truly leather and strong aroma for mature men!

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