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Jaguar is one of the large, wild cats, and the original name says it's a real beast. Strength, agility and beauty all define these wild cats, so it's no wonder that William Lyons owner of the car company just called his company that. The history of the brand from Great Britain is beautiful cars, powerful engines and dizzying speeds. Everything we love about luxury Jaguar cars has been vaccinated with Jaguar perfumes. Which one will you choose?

Subject experts say that Jaguar cars are a championship in themselves. Under the shiny body there are powerful engines that promise fast driving. And it all began with ... side cars for motorcycles. In 1927, the first aluminum bodies appeared under the old name - Swallow Sidecar Company. High-end components were used even in such vehicles as the legendary Austin Seven convertible. The first perfumes came to light in 1988. Jaguar for Men in a green bottle delighted with a multi-component composition, which developed on the skin brought different sensations. A typical male brand has also created fragrances for women. The first of them appeared in 1993. Miss Jaguar delighted with floral accords of rose, narcissus, hyacinth and lily.

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