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It's Skin

It's mission of the It's Skin brand is to restore the skin's natural balance and help obtain healthy and beautiful, beautiful skin. The brand was created by dermatologists from the Seoul University of Medicine based on a combination of high-quality natural ingredients with the latest clinical dermatology achievements.

Thanks to the innovative cosmetics formula and, above all, high efficiency, It's Skin has been one of the most popular cosmetic brands in South Korea for ten years. In its products, It's Skin uses innovative active ingredients that regenerate and rebuild the skin, thanks to which it maintains its youthful appearance, proper condition and natural glow for many years. These ingredients include Intensively regenerating snail mucus extract, synthetic snake venom extract, swallow nest extract or yeast-rich vitamin B3 extract. Many of these ingredients have permanently found their place in Korean bathrooms, followed by women all over the world. It's Skin cosmetics are suitable for all skin types, regardless of age.

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