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Moomin, IKEA and IsaDora are the national good of the Swedes. The cosmetics brand was founded in Malmo by three Swedes in 1983: Invima AB, Ingvar Vigdtrand and Ingrid Berndtsson. During several nights of discussions at the kitchen table, the Swedes agreed and found a name for their brand's products. IsaDora quickly appeared in the homes of Swedes and Norwegians.

IsaDora brand products stood out not only with elegant packaging and a wide range of colors, but also with an unperfumed composition. The Swedes did not use perfumes in makeup cosmetics, focusing on natural raw materials. Allergy sufferers and people who have sensitive skin quickly appreciated the health-promoting and ecological approach of the brand. Unperfumed foundations or lipsticks did not cause allergic reactions, providing comfort and well-being to clients. If we add elegant packaging and affordable prices, we have a prescription for perfect cosmetics! You can use IsaDora's unperfumed and long-lasting cosmetics for everyday makeup and special occasions. The brand's offer is wide - you will find there concealing undercoats with a brush, concealers to mask imperfections and color. Lip liners, cheek blushes or eye shadow palettes in different shades will let you highlight beauty. Despite the constant offer of cosmetics, IsaDora releases new collections every year inspired by fashion trends. With IsaDor, you can't complain about boredom in makeup!

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