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Inebrya is an Italian brand of hair cosmetics, which originally was to create products exclusively for professional hairdressers. Now, however, they are available to the average customer! So use these professional products from the comfort of your home and surprise your surroundings with the exceptionally good appearance of your hair!

Soon everyone will envy you beautiful, healthy hair full of shine! Inebrya offers its customers several special product lines that are designed for different types of hair and their individual needs. The brand offers conditioners, shampoos, masks, oils and styling cosmetics that will help you with styling and fix it for the whole day. Get your hair like a hair salon! Bet on the Italian brand of professional hair cosmetics Inebrya!

£7.99 £15.60 You save: 48%( £7.61 )
£12.19 £24.00 You save: 49%( £11.81 )

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