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Icone is a young, dynamically developing brand of products for professional hybrid manicure. The inspiration for the creation of the line were women with their own style, brave, not afraid to express their own opinion. Women who care about their image, who through their individuality inspire others.

They are an example, they are a model, they are an icon. In Icone they know how important neat nails are, that's why their products are characterized by high quality and classic colors with a hint of modern style. All this so that your even the most sophisticated styles are always complemented by a perfect manicure! Beautiful, dazzling nails complement any stylization. With Icone hybrid varnishes, you don't have to worry about chipping or fading color. You can choose from 36 heavily pigmented shades that are characterized by remarkable durability and beautiful shine. The products are easy to use and safe for nails. Thanks to high-quality ICONE products, you can easily make a hybrid manicure at home, obtaining the effect straight into the salon.

£2.79 £4.80 You save: 41% ( £2.01 )
£2.08 £3.60 You save: 42% ( £1.52 )
£2.79 £5.00 You save: 44% ( £2.21 )
£1.79 £3.60 You save: 50% ( £1.81 )
£1.09 £1.99 You save: 45% ( £0.90 )
£2.09 £4.80 You save: 56% ( £2.71 )

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