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The Italian company Iceberg was founded in 1962 and is known primarily as a producer of good quality clothes. It was founded by two designers Silvio Gerani and Giuliana Marchini. Iceberg is a brand known not only for excellent clothes, but also for perfumes that will surprise everyone.

Manufactured with exceptional women and men in mind, they will meet even the highest requirements of cosmetics. Intended for people who lead a very active lifestyle and always want to feel appropriate. The addressee of Iceberg perfume is a modern woman and independent man. The world appreciates Iceberg perfume for its oriental fragrance, delicacy and floral notes. Perfumes are based on the essence of the best types of flowers that give the impression of being very sweet. You can't pass by them indifferently. The Iceberg brand offer includes toilet waters for men and women. They are perfectly composed, light, highlighting their presence, but not too intrusive. Their refreshing scent lasts a long time and can be felt even at the end of an intense day. They perfectly cope with the presence of sweat, which is not surprising with the actively living owners of these permanent perfumes.

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