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IBD is an American brand that specializes in professional nail styling products. All IBD cosmetics are created by a team of experienced chemists and an award-winning team of experienced nail stylists and trainers. Manicure created with the help of IBD products is precise, aesthetic and durable.

Each of them is based on a formula without any acids and does not emit any smell. This increases the comfort and safety of use. UV / LED building gels form the skeleton of the entire stylization and are an ideal foundation for further work. Their task is not only to build and model nails, but also to extend and strengthen the natural plate. They are odorless, dense, easy to file, very flexible with increased adhesion to the nail plate. In addition, they contain an oligomer, acrylic ester monomer, photoinitiator and pigment. They create permanently shiny, incredibly transparent and natural-looking nails. IBD gels are innovative products created for professional nail stylists who require the best products in their salons. The gels have been tested by the most demanding professional beauty salons. They are especially good for weak and brittle nails or exposed to frequent contact with water or household chemistry.

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