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I Love

If you are addicted to fruit, this is the brand for you! Juicy mangoes, sweet papaya, fragrant vanilla, intoxicating coconut, forest berries, raspberries, strawberries and refreshing lime. Do we need anything more? I LOVE is a new line of cosmetics made from fruits. And as the name suggests, it's absolutely in love.

The line already seduces with its energetic, joyful appearance, and after applying cosmetics, everyone already knows that they will remain faithful to them for years! Each line includes bath and shower gel, body butter and cleansing scrub as well as lip gloss! The washing scrub smoothes the body perfectly, the fragrance stays on it for 2 hours without applying the balm, and if we use body butter from the same fragrance line, it will stay with us for the night. It is common that body butter is a heavy cosmetic, designed for dry skin - this butter is absorbed immediately and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Try it and you'll be delighted!

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