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House of Glam

Natural scented candles fit perfectly into the rapidly growing trend of being eco. The growing ecological awareness has also come to this aromatic world, so we spend more time analyzing the ingredients and trying to choose natural products.

The Polish House of Glam brand understands these needs perfectly and has introduced natural scented candles to the market. The brand has created a collection of extremely aromatic and essential candles based on soy and beeswax. Attention is drawn above all to such realistic fragrances that in some cases one gets the impression that they are tangible and can be eaten. This is due to carefully designed compositions and balanced proportions of two waxes. House of Glam opens up a world of fabulous fragrances. It is impossible to list them all here, but in fragrance compositions we will find something sweet, something herbal, more refreshing, floral, fruity, for example: Black Coconut, Black Opium, Mango Delight, Virgin Lavender, Hot & Spiced Wine, Oak Moss Sage and many, many other.

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