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Hi Hybrid

Looking for some new colours for your nails? Hi Hybrid knows everything about joyous and vibrant nail cosmetics! Have fun with durable hybrids which will stay for longer than you think and enjoy the colours that will not fade away. Hi Hybrid nail lacquers are safe and efficient; ensure the highest quality manicure, effortless application and long-lasting effect of a fresh coat.

In Roxie Cosmetics you’ll find a wide variety of colours (from nude ones to more exuberant, neon tones) from this company, as well as nail bases and tops. No more boring nails or on and on worrying about scuffs or sloppy fingernails. Hi Hybrid provides you with glam and trendy hybrids. Spoil yourself with a collection of safe, professional and multiple-use, as well as chip-resistant UV hybrid polishes from Hi Hybrid! Your nails will thank you!

£4.99 £5.99 You save: 16%( £1.00 )
£5.29 £5.99 You save: 11%( £0.70 )
£4.99 £5.99 You save: 16%( £1.00 )
£4.99 £6.59 You save: 24%( £1.60 )

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