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Herôme has been a market leader in the hand and nail care industry for over 36 years. His story began when during the holidays in England the founder Margreet van Roemburg discovered how to treat and properly care for her weak nails.

She decided to develop this passion and today we can buy their high-quality products all over the world, which speak for themselves. Herôme first focused exclusively on hand and nail care. However, the company soon saw other options for basic foot and eye care. They believe that thorough research and fulfillment of product promises will allow them to meet all the needs of their customers. Herôme Cosmetics is one of the few independent Dutch cosmetics manufacturers. This means that Herôme Cosmetics develops, produces, distributes and sells all of its products at home and abroad. Their products reach consumers through wholesalers, pharmacies, perfumeries, beauty salons and the Internet.

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