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Grandma Agafia

The Grandma Agafia brand is primarily cosmetics that are created from natural ingredients: plants, herbs, oils and Siberian extracts. Their offer includes products for face and body care: scrubs, butter, gels, as well as hair cosmetics.

However, the most popular products have become shampoos (anti-dandruff, herbal, tonic) and hair conditioners / masks created based on the unique recipes of babushka agafii. All products that can be found in the assortment of the brand are devoid of harmful preservatives, dyes and parabens, and the natural composition of their products finds a growing group of supporters. All ingredients are obtained from natural deposits around the Urals and even Siberia! Due to the fact that they grow in a unique environment, they have many medicinal properties from which Grandma Agafia draws its strength.

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