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Frudia is an Asian brand of skincare products. Its offer includes iconic face masks on a cotton sheet. Masks have a cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating and brightening effect on the skin. Frudia products are based on natural, plant-fruit active ingredients. The cosmetics formulas contain lemon, avocado, grape, blueberry, coconut and pomegranate extracts.

The brand's offer also includes face washing foams and hand creams. The products have colorful, aesthetic packaging. The most frequently chosen cosmetics include concentrated nourishing and moisturizing hand creams Frudia My Orchard. Women appreciate their pleasant, delicate fragrance. They also like it because they intensively moisturize the skin without leaving a greasy, sticky layer on it. Frudia cosmetics from this series include, among others Adenosine, which has the effect of smoothing and reducing wrinkles, fruit extracts with nurturing properties and nourishing honey. Hand creams regenerate the skin and restore its softness. We recommend them to people who carry out manual work, struggling with rough and dry skin, exposed to frequent contact with detergents

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