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Fresh Juice

The Fresh Juice shower gel collection is a carefully selected fragrance that makes every bath a pleasure. Gels not only thoroughly cleanse the body, but, thanks to their care properties, ensure that the skin stays soft and toned. The vitamin complex nourishes and tones, providing comfort for long-lasting hydration.

Among the many beautiful Fresh Juice fragrances, the combination of white chocolate and lime is a boost of positive energy, an exciting mix of magnolia and passion fruit brings to mind the Brazilian carnival, and the romantic composition of raspberry and lychee allows you to forget. Just choose your favorite fragrance. Fresh Juice cosmetics are quite cheap but produced from natural products. They not only clean the skin thoroughly but also care for it, restoring its natural color, softness and radiant look. The cosmetics are rich in vitamins which nourish and tone, providing the body with long-lasting moisturizing effect. Among the most beautiful scents there is a mixture of white chocolate and lime that gives an injection of positive energy in life while the romantic composition of raspberry and lychee offers a moment of abandoning yourself. Just choose your own fragrance from the variety offered by Fresh Juice available in the UK and your skin will thank you for it.

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