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The Polish cosmetics laboratory FlosLek was founded in 1994. At first, the small company quickly gained recognition among a wide range of clients, thus opening the way to global success. Today, the FlosLek brand produces over 280 different high-quality cosmetic preparations that help people with sensitive skin get a healthy, beautiful and youthful look.

FlosLek cosmetics are based on many years of experience and modern technologies, using natural ingredients that are safe not only for customers, but also for the environment. The brand offers a whole range of full-body care products for children and adults. Try the cosmetics of the manufacturer who conducts professional research in the field of dermocosmetics and creates preparations at a global level! The first dermocosmetics in the FlosLek offer were already iconic eye gels with a skylight. They gave rise to a whole series of skin care products around the eyes that reduce swelling and bruising, as well as soothe irritated and dry skin. If you focus on simple but thought-out compositions and believe in the power of nature, reach for FlosLek eye gels and creams.

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