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The history of the Fito Cosmetics brand dates back to 2003, when the founders of the cosmetics company of the same name introduced their first, natural and extremely unique product at the time - hair dye based on natural Iranian henna. Currently, the brand's offer has grown significantly, not only with hair cosmetics, including very rich and effective masks, but Fito Cosmetics are also body facial care products.

Many of them contain natural clays from wild areas not only of Russia, including Baikal, Caucasian, Dead Sea, Egyptian, Moroccan, Cambrian, Jordanian, Knapan, Wałdaj and even Altai. All this means that Fito Cosmetics cosmetics provide the skin with mineral salt and essential microelements, thanks to which depending on the product it effectively nourishes, cleanses, tones, and narrows pores, preventing imperfections. The Fito Cosmetics brand is completely safe and does not contain artificial fillers, parabens, paraffin or silicones in its products. Many of them with their formula and components date back to the time of our great-grandmothers, when herbs and plants growing in the gardens were a remedy for many diseases. This is because these ingredients in themselves have a wonderful power to absorb into the skin and work deep into it.

£3.99 £5.09 You save: 21%( £1.10 )
£3.99 £5.09 You save: 21%( £1.10 )

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