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The Ferrari brand needs no introduction. It is interesting that its founder - Enzo Ferrari - originally did not intend to sell anything. Scuderia Ferrari was founded in 1929 solely to sponsor amateur racing drivers. At present, Ferrari offers a wide range of products - electronics, clothing, fashionable accessories, as well as luxury cosmetics. It is not surprising that the vast majority of them are intended for men.

Ferrari perfumes will be appreciated by everyone who loves adrenaline, the smell of burned tires and speed. The first of them - Ferrari Black - was presented with great success in 1999. It was largely contributed to the fact that while only the richest could afford a Ferrari sports car, the fragrance mentioned was incomparably more affordable - still providing its owner with a feeling of uniqueness. Ferrari can boast of the fact that famous perfumers such as Alberto Morillas, Alexandra Carlin, Karine Dubreuil and Bernard Ellena cooperate with him. It is also worth mentioning the stylish bottles, which of course is decorated with the iconic sign of the steed standing on two hind legs.

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