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Swiss Fenjal cosmetics provide exclusive care for your skin during bathing, showering and later using body lotions and deodorants. These unique cosmetics will literally pamper you, and their charming fragrance will make care even more pleasant. The Fenjal brand is based on knowledge about the positive impact of fragrance on human well-being.

The company's offer includes high-quality bath and shower products, deodorants, antiperspirants, body creams and unique toilet waters. Swiss precision and quality are characteristic of these cosmetics. The history of the Fenjal brand dates back to 1899, when Doetsch Grether specializing in pharmacy was founded in Basel. Over time, the company also began to deal with skin care, which resulted in the creation of a cosmetics department, which later disconnected and adopted the name Fenjal. Creamy bath oil became the first revolutionary product of the brand, which gained great sympathy for customers. The Fenjal company developed very quickly and expanded the range with new products. Thanks to intensive research in the area of ​​body care, Fenjal products are constantly modernized and adapted to the current needs of women.

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