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The history of the German brand EUBOS dates back to 1930, when dentist Heinrich Werner Janssen founded the pharmaceutical company Dr. Janssen & Co. He later took over the company Dr. Hobein & Co. and also started to produce cosmetics. The very first EUBOS product - the so-called "soap without soap" - has gained immense popularity among customers.

It did not take long for further successful preparations (for example, a special washing emulsion). EUBOS can boast of having a solution for all skin types. Regardless of whether it is dry, sensitive or mature, you will definitely find something for yourself in the company's offer. The children's series deserves a special mention. Creams, shower oils, regenerative serum and other EUBOS products are created based on the latest scientific research. They contain proven ingredients such as almond oil or aloe, and undergo rigorous efficacy and tolerance testing before they go on sale. In short, EUBOS are high quality safe cosmetics that are definitely worth trying out. Their uniqueness is also evidenced by the fact that they are recommended by many dermatologists and pediatricians. The EUBOS brand should interest everyone who dreams of beauty and health, struggles with various skin problems, is demanding and looks for products that meet his needs.

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