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Estée Lauder

The Estée Lauder cosmetics company is named after its founder, who revolutionized the world of beauty in the 20th century. As a niece of a chemist-pharmacist, Estée came into contact with the production of cosmetics at an early age and very early created her first face cream. In 1946, she began selling her own products, Estée Lauder.

The Estée Lauder brand was built on dedication, perseverance and passion. Estée often visited beauty salons all over New York, the company prospered thanks to the personal recommendations of individual clients, and Estée Lauder skin care products quickly gained prominence. Gradually, a small international premium brand was created. The iconic Estée Lauder foundation is an inseparable element of the cosmetic bag of many women today, and the Estée Lauder face cream, thanks to luxurious ingredients and a scientific approach, is the quintessence of what you can dream of for skin care. The Estée Lauder philosophy is very simple - every woman can look beautiful, regardless of age.

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