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Equilibra is an Italian brand basing its products largely on aloe having amazing properties. The company has been dynamically developing for 30 years, which is why its experience in the production of aloe vera cosmetics can be considered the longest in Europe. Equilibra is a unique cosmetics based on natural plant ingredients and aloe vera extract.

The brand's offer includes a wide range of products, from shampoos, hair conditioners, face creams and anti-cellulite body butters. Equilibra are cosmetics for the whole family. Aloe vera reigns in the product formula with very many conditioning properties. Aloe extract intensively moisturizes the skin, soothes all irritations, soothes the skin irritated by the sun. Aloe also accelerates the healing of skin lesions. Perfect for both body and face skin, as well as hair care. Aloe in Equilibra products is obtained in the manual cold leaf extraction process. Then mechanical liquefaction and stabilization of the internal leaf tissue is performed, thanks to which it fully retains its beneficial properties, i.e. intact natural aloe vera.

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