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Emanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro became famous as a brave and provocative French fashion designer. His father was a tailor and taught him the love of craftsmanship. At the age of 23, Emanuel moved to Paris, where he gained experience as a designer with Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Then he opened his own haute couture fashion house, thus beginning the brand Emanuel Ungaro. Elegant and sexy models, folded materials, expressive, vivid colors and patterns - these are the hallmarks of the designer workshop. In the 1980s, the first Emanuel Ungaro perfumes appeared on the market. The world of fragrances met Diva Eau de Parfum - a beautiful, classic feminine fragrance whose bottle reflects Emanuel's creativity. Also the men's Ungaro series didn't make you wait long. At the turn of the millennium, another sensual perfume was created that is equally endearing and full of timeless elegance, typical of the Ungaro brand.

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