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Elizabeth Arden

On New York's 5th Avenue, Elizabeth Arden opened her first beauty salon at a time when there were practically no women in the business world, and makeup was just a curiosity. The legendary innovator and businesswoman laid the foundation for the American cosmetics industry more than a century ago.

Elizabeth Arden was one of the first to apply scientific innovations in cosmetics and to present a holistic approach to beauty. She appealed to women to moisturize the skin, avoid direct sunlight and practice yoga every day. That is why Elizabeth Arden cosmetics tried to support the skin rather than mask its imperfections. Elizabeth Arden's visions were uncompromising, her products really helped women and many of them quickly gained cult status, for example the popular Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, the legendary Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass perfume or the bold red lipstick Elizabeth Arden. Every day, Elizabeth Arden products help women around the world become more beautiful and confident, and the story of Elizabeth Arden is an inspiration to many of them today.

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