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Ecodenta is a brand that offers pastes and preparations for oral hygiene. The bestseller of the brand is black toothpaste based on charcoal. The paste does not contain any artificial colors and parabens, its formula is based on ecological and natural ingredients.

The product contains charcoal, decaffeinated green tea extract, cranberry extract, oak bark and yarrow extract and calident - a source of natural calcium. The paste has strong whitening properties, cleanses teeth from deposits and prevents tooth decay. The brand's offer also includes pastes with fruit extracts, which will be a great offer for children. Ecodenta products work in two directions - on the one hand, it provides excellent visual effects, on the other, it is refreshing and bactericidal, so you can enjoy not only a beautiful, but above all a healthy smile. The key to success is the natural composition of the product - black charcoal enhances the whitening effect, while the TEAVIGO substance protects against tartar, acts bactericidal, cleans and refreshes.

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