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Duft & Doft

The Korean brand Duft & Doft creates high-quality cosmetics, in which artfully combines natural ingredients with unforgettable fragrances. These are incredible, innovative care products that provide sensual sensations.

The preparations are free of parabens, talc, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. The Duft & Doft brand was established in 2013 in Seoul. It was founded by a veteran in the fashion industry with 20 years of Jai Hong Park experience. The original fragrances of this brand's cosmetics are inspired by Scandinavia - its nature and freshness. These are cosmetics that speak for themselves. Their quality speaks for itself. Interestingly, there are no ads with celebrities or stars that would advertise products because they are unrivaled. Why? They absorb quickly, do not leave a feeling of stickiness and decorate the body, face and hair with luxurious, truly amazing scents. This is the number 1 brand, which you will gladly put into the shopping cart because of the charming packaging.

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