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Donegal is a popular brand that distributes makeup and everyday accessories. The company operating on the market for over 25 years maintains its high position thanks to useful products and high quality workmanship.

In the production of accessories, it primarily focuses on customer satisfaction. Products from Donegal intended mainly for women, such as hair accessories, makeup brushes, nail stickers, files or manicure sets are indispensable products useful in everyday care. A wide selection means that each of us will find something satisfying and practical. Accessories often come in many color variants, they also have different graphic versions, and most importantly, they can also be easily completed. Thanks to this, we can create a set of necessary accessories that we can take on a journey or simply store them in the bathroom or vanity case.

£4.99 £6.79 You save: 26%( £1.80 )
£12.99 £15.99 You save: 18%( £3.00 )
£6.29 £12.00 You save: 47%( £5.71 )
£10.59 £13.99 You save: 24%( £3.40 )
£1.59 £3.00 You save: 47%( £1.41 )
£2.39 £3.60 You save: 33%( £1.21 )

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