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The mission of Derma Cosmetics is at the same time caring for beauty and health, caring for the body with delicacy and sensitivity, making informed choices about care and hygiene. The skin is the first, natural barrier that protects our body. It is exposed to damage and irritation, so ensuring its proper care is extremely important.

Derma cosmetics is a trusted brand - the high quality of Scandinavian cosmetics is already well known on the European market. Natural active ingredients are used to prepare them. 4organic producing cosmetics from the Derma series is a company born from passion, interests, belief in the value of healthy and safe products and belief in actions today with the future in mind. Created in response to questions and the need of customers, more and more consciously shopping and looking for products that are safe for health and the environment - where, in the maze of advertisements and unproven promises, they will find trustworthy, healthy cosmetics, care products and other everyday products.

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