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Denivit paste is known as an expert in the fight against tooth discoloration in over 30 countries. Denivit was created to: effectively remove discoloration resulting from the consumption of certain products and beverages, and smoking. 

Restore the natural whiteness of the teeth for a brighter smile; care for tooth enamel thanks to the delicate and safe formula; provide optimal protection against cavities and plaque and against gum problems. Control the whitening effect using the white tester located on the left side of the packaging. Check the color every day before and after cleaning your teeth with regular use of Denivit toothpaste. The whitening tester should be replaced with a new one every month. Denivit paste can be used daily. The Anti-Stain complex loosens the residue on the teeth and removes them thanks to the delicate ingredients that do not damage the tooth enamel. Denivit formula has been clinically tested. Tests have confirmed high efficiency in brushing teeth. Daily brushing with Denivit toothpaste significantly reduces the appearance of discoloration. Denivit received the Consumer Quality Leader 2016 award in the Teeth Whitening category.

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