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Denim is an Italian brand founded in 1976. From the very beginning, its initiators focused on a masculine, expressive and long-lasting fragrance and based on it they created a whole range of cosmetics. First of all, it was the iconic aftershave and body deodorant in three fragrances - the original, Black and Musk.

Today, Denim is not just water and deodorants, but a complete line for men's personal care. The manufacturer's offer includes, among others, original shaving cosmetics - universal in terms of taste preferences. The brand has two of the most popular fragrance lines: Original - the first Denim fragrance, fresh and at the same time warming, a bit spicy and Musk - an extremely refreshing mint aroma enriched with exoticism. Denim men you'll be attractive in every situation and nothing will upset you. Thanks to the Denim brand, every man can take care of himself and feel fresh and sexy from morning to evening!

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