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The history of the Decléor brand began in 1974, long before the birth of the global trend of essential oils. Today, Decléor is a leading cosmetics brand in the field of aromatherapy. For over 40 years, Decléor laboratories have been raising the level of their professional skills, which allows them to create more and more perfect essential oils for the daily care of all skin types.

Decléor cosmetics offer a unique beauty care system based on artisanal, super strong and concentrated preparations. Decléor products contain only the best natural ingredients that fight skin damage associated with the urban lifestyle (lack of sleep, pollution, stress, unbalanced diet). Each drop of essential oil contains on average up to 150 active particles. Just a few drops can therefore cause a visible change in skin condition. The real icon among Decléor products is the serum from Decléor Aromessence oils. It is a mixture of the most delicate distilled and cold pressed essential oils. The serum is 100% active, contains no water. It's so strong that you only need 3 drops to give your skin everything it needs.

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