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Dax Cosmetics

DAX Cosmetics, one of the leading cosmetics companies on the market, has over 30 years of experience in the production of cosmetics. Since June 2014, Dax Cosmetics belongs to the Rohto Pharmaceuticals Group - a Japanese cosmetics and pharmaceutical company based in Osaka, Japan.

Kunio Yamada is its president and CEO. The company was founded in 1899. It is a global group and operates in a total of 120 world markets. The most important product category for Rohto are cosmetics, among them the best-selling brand Hada Labo. Dax Cosmetics specializes in the production and sale of face and body care cosmetics, sun protection products, and also includes makeup products. High standards and quality of products are confirmed by numerous awards granted by consumers, the cosmetics industry and the business environment. The portfolio of Dax Cosmetics currently includes nearly 80 cosmetic lines under seven brands: YOSKINE, PERFECTA, CASHMERE, DAX SUN, DAX MEN and CELIA and HADA LABO - a leading brand of the Rohto concern.

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