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Davidoff - everyone knows the name - connoisseurs of the best cigars, lovers of beautiful leather goods and enthusiasts of iconic fragrances. The brand founded by an immigrant from Kiev - Zino Davidoff - creates exclusive products.

The portfolio can be amazing - you'll find here cigars, cigarettes, watches, fountain pens, glasses and perfumes, which some say you will always recognize. Enter the world of Davidoff! Wealthy clientele liked cigars as a luxury, which is why Zino Davidoff expanded its activity by offering watches, leather goods and perfumes for elegant cigars. The latter made the brand go down in the history of perfumery. When composing, Davidoff's main principle was used - the ingredients were to be of the highest quality so that the smell was compelling. The oldest composition for men was created in 1984, the youngest is only a few months old.

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