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D’ALCHÉMY offers luxury care products with anti-aging effects. D'ALCHÉMY preparations contain highly effective, exclusively natural and organic active substances in an optimal concentration that work in synergy in perfect harmony with the skin, minimizing the risk of allergies.

The base of D'ALCHÉMY recipes are plant hydrolates, which have been replaced entirely with pure water used in conventional cosmetics. Extra-vergin oils and selected extracts of plants grown organically are also responsible for the exceptional effectiveness of dermocosmetics. Due to respect, care for health, the environment and living organisms, D'ALCHÉMY dermocosmetics are not only free of potentially harmful synthetic substances, but also free of any animal ingredients, i.e. derived from live or dead animals (e.g. collagen, caviar , lanolin) as well as from products produced by animals (e.g. honey, milk). In addition, none of the D'ALCHÉMY preparations or the raw materials used in their production were tested on animals. Thanks to this, D’ALCHÉMY products are recommended for both vegans and vegetarians.

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