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Dabur Herbal

Natural cosmetics, medicinal products and cleaning products from the Dabur brand enjoy great trust from customers from many parts of the world. The brand name is associated with the person of its creator Dr. Burman, who in 1884 opened a small pharmacy in Calcutta (the name is a combination of the word doctor and the name Burman).

Over time, the company has evolved into a large enterprise specializing in the production of cosmetics based on traditional Ayurvedic recipes. Dabur cosmetics and products are inspired by Ayurveda, Hinduse care and herbal ingredients from India. It was founded in 1884 in Calcutta. First she dealt with medicines, now she can boast of a wide range of skin care cosmetics, shampoos and oral products. The store's offer includes popular toothpastes with neem, basil and cloves.

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