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Cuba Original

Although they look like they were at least next to Cuban cigars, they come from Europe. The homeland of Cuba Original is France. The characteristic bottles do not lack originality, however, you can find them in a crowd of various scents. Created for men and women, they can bother the opposite sex.

What does Cuba Original contain? Cuba Libre fragrances have mastered the technique of attracting glances to perfection - after all, their bottles are unmistakable. The fragrances are packed into bottles that resemble the shape of Cuban, good cigars. Depending on the type of fragrance - female or male, as well as the same line can have different shades. Traditional packaging is dyed in a shade of brown, others - especially in the version for women - have a variety of colors and designs. Each of the elongated bottles is additionally put into a metal can, which stylistically blends in with the compositions. Nice looking perfume on the shelf? This is Cuba Original! French perfumes are characterized by diversity, and the fragrance portfolio includes both traditional and strong compositions, as well as slightly more unusual compositions. The brand uses a whole range of ingredients to build fragrance pyramids that are remembered the first time they are sniffed, and enjoy durability the next.

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