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Cos Medica

Regain your smooth face! - is the mission and goal of specialized derma cosmetics brand VIPERA COS-MEDICA aimed at supporting treatment and skin care with specific dermatological problems. The COS-MEDICA 24 H Curative Program provides 24-hour, effective and safe care for problem, sensitive, allergic skin that requires special care.

In addition to therapeutic activities, COS-MEDICA 24H weaves into the Program specialist cosmetics for camouflage and beauty makeup of problem skin. They are based on original recipes, and their creation is inevitably accompanied by research at every stage of their formation. Based on the results of research in cosmetics, active ingredients were used in optimal concentrations and synergistically acting complexes. Individual lines of the Curative Programs are marked with an individual number and color for the line. The dermo-cosmetics packaging for the VIPERA COS-MEDICA series (cannulas, dispensers, air-less packaging) is designed so that the possible path of product contamination is as long as possible.

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