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Contour Cosmetics

The brand Contour Cosmetics was founded initially for one purpose - to create cosmetics for contouring the face, which was missing on the beauty market. The founder of the British company - Charlotte Miskell - decided to fill the gaps in the industry world. Kim Kardashian makeup inspired her to this movement.

A celebrity (or her make-up artist) has long been applying bronzer, blush and highlighter to the cheeks and temples. It was she who popularized face contouring fashion - followed by millions of women around the world. In the opinion of many lovers of make-up, this method of face makeup can subtly change the features - slim, sharpen or soften, without giving a cheap effect. It was this movement that stimulated Charlotte to create an original brand that meets the expectations of many beauty enthusiasts - Contour Cosmetics. In 2015, several different brand cosmetics went to stores, first in Great Britain, then in other European countries. These included face contouring palettes, brushes and highlighters.

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