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Collistar is a cosmetic brand whose reputation is confirmed not only by Italians. For over 30 years of production, some Collistar cosmetics have gained the name of iconic, such as compact bronzing powder or Collistar Magic Drops self-tanner.

From the very beginning, the company has been guided by a simple rule - it combines dermatological knowledge and the latest technology achievements, giving women and men cosmetics of the highest quality at attractive prices. The Collistar cosmetics list includes products for both makeup and body care. The brand has perfectly mastered the way of creating lotions and body creams that provide a youthful, healthy look. Importantly, the Collistar brand does not close to the needs of different age groups, offering excellent cosmetic formulas to both teenagers and people of mature or old age. Collistar tanning cosmetics are particularly popular. Collistar tanning cream or sunscreen are often found in the bags of sunbathers. Talasso Scrub peeling with sea salt and aromatic oils is one of Collistar's best-received innovations. The brand also offers excellent face creams, masks and products that slow down skin aging - for example, anti-wrinkle serum with collagen.

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