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Coach - an American perfume brand icon. The American brand of Coach leather products is known primarily for its exclusive women's handbags, but other products like clothing, footwear, glasses, bags, accessories and perfumes are also liked all over the world. The history of Coach brand dates back to 1941, when a group of craftsmen from Manhattan founded its predecessor.

Soon Miles and Lillian Cahn joined the group, who brought it to flourish thanks to their experience and commercial abilities in the field of leather industry. The brand, which started as a small family company, thanks to the huge devotion of its members, masterful craftsmanship and innovation, after several decades has become an extremely popular brand of bags, accessories and perfumes. She changed the owner several times, but she always managed to maintain the reputation of one of the most liked in her industry, including thanks to the constant emphasis on precision and the best materials. In 2007, she launched the first perfumes that confirm the passion of the brand for quality, perfection and modern design. Today, it has more than twenty fragrances for men and women, which it creates in cooperation with the brands Estee Lauder and Firemnich, which designed perfumes Honorine Blanc and Celine Barel.

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