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Swiss skin care brand offering a selection of 8 product lines. Inspired by nature, based on scientific innovation, Chlorys captures the miracles of botany combined with Swiss technological advances in order to offer treatments with the most effective anti-aging results.

Dedicated to excellence, our treatments are meticulously formulated around noble and precious assets, while our master flowers, endowed with unique protective qualities, are cultivated in the heart of the Swiss Alps, where purity finds its source. Chlorys places women at the heart of this research. In order to awaken the harmony and youth that are hidden in each of them, Chlorys develop exceptional treatments that are based on the genius of alpine plants. It is in its Swiss laboratories that Chlorys innovates by associating peptide complexes and vitamin derivatives with stem cells from the Alpine Rose. The unique synergy of these biotechnical ingredients, combined with the olfactory and sensory experience of its textures are the signature of Chlorys.

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