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These are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested face and body care products that have been designed especially for young women. Cettua products use the latest advances in care technology, providing ingredients deep into the skin.

The Cettua brand focuses on creating special cosmetics that improve the appearance of facial skin with cleansing patches and cloth masks. Because the beauty of a woman is hidden not only in her face, but also in her hands and feet, the Cettua brand also provides hand and foot compresses. Exfoliating socks will restore the beauty of the skin of the feet, and the nourishing hand mask will make your skin look smooth and fresh. The cosmetics of this brand are easy to use and quickly act. They are used by women around the world who care about beautiful and healthy appearance. Cleansing patches and other accessories mean that every overworked woman can enjoy clean facial skin without visiting a beauty salon. Use Cettua products from the comfort of your home!

£3.99 £4.80 You save: 16%( £0.81 )
£3.99 £4.80 You save: 16%( £0.81 )

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