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Carolina Herrera

Under this name hides a beautiful and strong woman, in whom hot Venezuelan blood pulsates. The southern temperament combined with a sense of style gave the best results - this is how the successful American fashion house Carolina Herrera was created.

What is it about Carolina Herrera perfumes that elegant women and young, brave girls reach for? The wildness of the heart and the innate sense of style of the author can be the answer. The story of the home of the Carolina Herrera house begins in the United States, and more precisely in New York, a city that the designer herself loved. After moving in 1980, Carolina Herrera was hailed as the best-dressed woman in the world. It was an impulse to create your own clothing, guided by the innate sense of taste. The Carolina Herrera 212 perfume collection impresses with its modern form - silver, gold and pale pink capsules in the shape of capsules conceal fragrances for women and men. An injection of New York energy in a capsule is something that everyone lacks.

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