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Cardio Bunny

Cardio Bunny is the first fragrance of the brand, which is known from high-quality sportswear. It was created to give energy and awaken the senses at the same time. The modern composition of Cardio Bunny combines both seductive notes of the Orient and feminine floral chords.

Perfect for special occasions or as an everyday fragrance. Regardless of whether you wear sports leggings or an evening dress, you will always feel special. Cardio Bunny is a bold and long-lasting fragrance. It opens with a light and refreshing note of the head, which delights with the smell of green mandarin and kiwi. Then comes the heart note, which is a sweet, but not heavy smell of rose and peony flowers. Together they create a luxurious composition. The whole is complemented by notes of white musk and captivating vanilla, composing into an unusual blend hidden in a minimalist bottle sprinkled with gold filings.

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