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Calluna Medica

Calluna Medica is a new Polish brand of natural cosmetics originating from Opole. Her main aspiration is to discover the treasures of nature, which they enclose in they compositions. Calluna Medica has found its distinguishing feature, which are unique active ingredients that you will not find anywhere else.

They are famous for cosmetics that contain additives such as glacial water or ice wine. Calluna Medica was the first to reach for these types of raw materials, becoming a unique brand at the start. The creators of the brand wanted to create cosmetics that would effectively affect the skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside and which would solve problems such as insufficient hydration, discoloration, wrinkles or excessive sebum production. To this end, they reached for the best of nature - i.e. for extracts from plants characteristic of selected regions of our continent and known for centuries for their nutritional, moisturizing, regenerating, cleansing and lifting properties. Speech incl. on sage, lingonberry, hops, vine, tomato or edelweiss extract.

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