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Bye Bye Racines

Bye Bye Racines is a brand with an innovative approach to hair coloring. Created and developed by the world-famous French colourist Radolphe. Radolphe, who invented and then developed the perfect preparation that allows women to mask offsets in the period between successive dyes.

Three seconds and one spray is enough and every woman can discreetly and independently remove ugly shoots. The product is available in four colors to suit the needs of all hair types. The delicate and light texture of Bye Bye Racines spreads lightly and transparently on the suckers ensuring perfect coverage of gray hair. The delicate balance of the formula, in combination with the aerosol form and the specific diffuser, allows the distribution of this colored mist that combines with the hair without modifying its color, without mask effect and without the impression of sticking hair. Easy to use. The result is natural and temporary. There is no risk of overloading, the thin coloring layer is easily and completely removed during the first shampooing.

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