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Sotirio Bvlgari is a Greek who grew up in a goldsmith family. In 1884 he decided to emigrate to Italy - it was in Rome that he founded his first store. It was here that elaborate jewelry was created, which implemented the assumptions of the classic French school.

The turning point in Bvlgari's activity was the taking over of the family business by the Sotirio sons and the departure from a strict style in favor of their own creativity - this is how jewelry was created that reflected Roman art and drew on the Italian Renaissance. It is thanks to this tradition that the Bvlgari perfume bottles were made with the utmost precision, and the professional was responsible for their artistic shape. No wonder, after all, the Bvlgari family initially dealt with the production of jewelry. Today, the brand has over 300 stores in many countries in Europe, South and North America. The brand offers its customers beautiful jewelry and perfumes in a beautiful setting. Bvlgari can surprise. His collections include many iconic compositions. One of them is Bvlgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum. The black, tasteful bottle conceals a water-floral composition in which jasmine comes to the fore.

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