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Burberry - a cult and purely British brand is literally the essence of the country in which it was founded. In the world of fashion and perfume, it embodies the timeless elegance, sophisticated style and reference to tradition today.

The Burberry brand was founded in 1856, when young Thomas Burberry started working in a clothing store for outdoor activities. He started creating new materials and in 1888 patented the waterproof, breathable fabric he invented - gabardine. The practicality of Burberry clothes was appreciated by, among others, Roald Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole. Officers serving during World War I wore coats, which later became popular also among civilians. In the 1950s, the brand became the court supplier of the British royal family. The iconic logo with a knight on horseback and a checkered pattern for decades has been a guarantee of the highest quality, just like Burberry cosmetics and fragrances. The traditional brand values ​​have been hidden in all Burberry perfumes. Now you can try the magic of British elegance on your own skin.

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