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Bruno Banani

Free yourself from stereotypes and let your unhindered personality reach for the unique. Discover the world of Bruno Banani fragrances, which, according to the brand's motto, are not for everyone. However, innovative fragrance compositions and an unusual design of the bottles always attract attention. 

The German brand Bruno Banani began in the early 90s with the production of underwear. She was famous for originality, excellent quality and bold designs, as well as unconventional methods of promotion. In 2000, she entered the world of perfumes and quickly found herself in the center of attention of everyone who is interested in style and originality. Each Bruno Banani perfume is different and each emanates an inscrutable secret. Confident, spontaneous or irresistibly attractive? With Bruno Banani Man eau de toilette it is up to you who you will be. In turn, the feminine fragrance Bruno Banani Pure Woman is the essence of femininity in its pure form. It combines a subtle delicacy and a tempting promise, making you notice.

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